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Our menus are completely customizable. We pride ourselves on working with our customers to ensure their order is exactly the way they want it. In order to ensure both you and your guests are satisfied, you can build your menu suitable to your needs. 
Western Menu


        Roast Baron                                           Baked Ham

        Prime Rib                                                   Roast Chicken

        Roast Turky                                            BBQ Chicken

        Seafood Platter                            

                                  many more items available

Stir Fry (chicken, beef, shrimp, veggie)
Chow Mein Noodle (chicken, beef, shrimp, veggie)
Fried Rice (chicken, shrimp, veggie)
Shanghai Noodles (chicken, beef, shrimp, veggie)
Ginger Chicken or Beef
Boneless Chicken (black bean, teriyaki, honey garlic, lemon, seasame)
Veggie Spring Rolls
Indian Menu 


Chicken Tikka Masala                            Malai Kofta  

Butter Chicken                                          Palak Paneer

Biryani (beef, chicken)                            Shahi Paneer

Korma (lamb, goat, beef)                        Chana Masala

Vindaloo (lamb, beef, chicken)          Muttar Paneer

Prawn Masala                                            

                                 Many more items available 

Additional Services


DJ Services                         Full Table Settings

Decorations                    Bartending Service

Waitress Service             Service Outside Calgary City Limits

Venue Options                 Delivery & Pick-Up Options     

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